12 August 2009

Meet the Family

I'm so excited to have you here at my little virtual home. Most of you probably already know my family, but for those visiting who don't I thought introductions were in order.

The Hubby, aka Durk My love, my partner, my biggest supporter and most trusted friend. And the chief cause of my lunacy!

The Eldest, aka Memphis The amazing human being who made me a mother nearly 17 years ago. He is also the chief guinea pig around here, since we try out all our parenting on him. I guess that makes us the chief cause of his lunacy.

The 12 year old, aka Mais-Man My second-born, deep thinker, king of the million dollar smile, and future golf legend.

The other 12 year old, aka Bri My oldest daughter. I have had the privilege of mothering this sweet girl for the last four years....since she was a tiny little thing. Little stinker is now as tall as me. Long, lean and athletic...and lover of all living creatures.

The 9 year old, aka Jamie D My youngest son. His daddy gave me the privilege of being his mom for the last four years. He is hubby's little "Mini Me", to a T. Magic card master and soldier in training.

The baby, aka Kenziebelle The youngest, and the one who taught me how to be a mom to a daughter eight years ago after parenting her very boyish brothers for eight years. This girl is gonna be trouble...outgoing, funny and beautiful. Good thing she has three big brothers to look out for her!

Well, that's us in a nutshell. Thanks again for taking the time to visit and get to know a little about my precious, beautiful family!



  1. Thanks Andrea - you have a beautiful family and welcome to blog land - you'll love it here. Go check out Just A Girl - I think she's linked with Kimba or maybe Nester can't recall - but, you'll find her eventually and you'll love her too!! I'll put your door up when I get home!!

  2. You have a lovely family! I see you have two 12 year olds. Brace yourself ... the teen years are just around the corner ... :-) Ah, but you already know what to expect with a 17 year old.